What are core muscles, plus daily training (4 exercises in total)


Do not listen to anyone, and do not blindly chase the dice on your stomach! Believe me, all core muscles and regular training will be worked out — you will have cubes

Where are the muscles of the cortex

To understand this truth, you need to know what the core muscles are and where to look for them. Everyone speaks about the best bodybuilding blog and muscles of the cortex, but not everyone knows that this is a very important set of muscles in the center of the body. Thanks to them, the body has the ability to move.

It is easy to find them: the cores form the muscles that create the corset around the abdomen + butt and the muscles below it. That’s all! You feel and affect the muscles of the core in almost any exercise. Simply put, they are so important that the more you take care of them, the better your back will be. Beautiful posture, as well as the notorious and welcome cubes are guaranteed!

Core muscle training

In order to take care of your health and strengthen core, you should perform at least a minimum of exercises for a given set of muscles (but it is better to train your entire body):
No. 1
Variety of planks. We lay down facing the floor. We transfer the body weight to the elbows and clamp our fists. We keep a straight line of the body, standing on the elbows and toes. Alternately pull forward the right and left hands, hold for 2-5 seconds. Repeat 10 times for each hand.
No. 2
Lie on the right side. Put your feet together. Rest on the elbow of the right hand. For a few seconds, lift the pelvis from the floor and hold it for 2-5 seconds. Repeat 10 times and do the same on the left side.
No. 3
Lie on your back, bend your knees. Feet on the floor. Hands straight along the body. Raise the pelvis up as far as possible. Hold for 5 seconds and lower to its original position. Repeat 10 times.

No. 4
We lie down on our back and press our lower back to the floor. Hands along the body, legs straightened. Raise the right leg straight, the toe is pulled over. Fix for 5 seconds. Omit. Do the same with the other leg. Ten repetitions on each leg.

Even if such exercises are practiced without a comprehensive workout, regularity will strengthen the core muscles and prevent back pain.

In addition, these muscles train on all unstable surfaces and where you need to balance.
Plank, bridge and vacuum to help everyone who wants to gain strength and power in the crust!

Strengthening the core with fitness

If you understand, then even daily simple movements involve, and therefore train, the core muscles. But more is needed for their excellent work. Things to do:

  1. Separate, specialized core training. Yes, such people have long been practicing in sports clubs. They are ideal for strengthening these muscles. Alternate them with your other workouts.
  2. Training with medball, fitball and c (Bosu is an unstable surface in the form of half a big ball). As already mentioned — any balancing stabilizes the spine, pelvis and hips.
  3. Looped exercise machines. There are many of them, but they are all suitable for the study of bark.
  4. Yoga. Many asanas on the balance are what you need. Statics will add tension to better work out the muscles.
  5. Pilates — designed to strengthen the spine, and at the same time strengthen the entire core. 

Do not be afraid to try something new for yourself. But always consult your doctor or certified trainer.

Weak core: what will happen?

If you don’t start taking care of your body right now, then you will have poor posture, back pain and cervical pain. You are much more vulnerable even at the slightest fall. Performance is low and the risk of injury is high. And yet, coordination with a weak crust is not so hot. The good news is that it’s never too late to start small and reach the maximum.

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